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Tenant Representation

The decisions you make about your commercial, industrial or retail property have a huge effect on the success of your business. So it’s very important to ensure they are based on sound and accurate knowledge of the market.

Here at ACORPP we understand that it’s not possible for everyone to have an in-depth understanding of the corporate property market, which is why we offer our tenant representation service. We’re experts in this area and are able to use this intricate knowledge of a complex sector to secure the best deal possible for all our clients.

Our tenant representation team has one strategic objective, which is to make sure our clients make well-informed decisions about their tenancy. We also ensure that that you are never paying more than you should for any premises, often utilising our knowledge of negotiations and the market to secure more favourable terms.

ACORPP focuses on accommodation strategies and works hard to make sure the client’s goal of moving from their current position is achieved with the desired outcome. ACORPP works from a position of authority within the industry, with a wide range of contacts and large client base. As a tenant representative, we have the experience in complex negotiations that minimise risk and maximise savings.

Whether it’s for an existing or planned building, we can negotiate a favorable agreement for lease for the tenant and deliver positive outcomes. We represent your interests at every stage of the process and understand the importance of reporting at all times. Our aim is to represent the client’s interests only, and to secure the best terms with the most possible obligations working in the tenant’s favour.

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