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Network Ten - Perth, WA

Tenant Representation & Project Management

Whilst market conditions for tenant relocations were optimal, with plenty of available stock, reduced rents, and increasing incentives, due to specific client premises requirements relating to operational aspects of the business, the number of suitable premises was very limited. Nonetheless, an exhaustive search was conducted, resulting in the identification of a suitable shortlist.

Negotiations were protracted due to specific requirements on both sides however ACORPP were able to proactively assist and mediate during this process to ensure client requirements, including timing constraints were adequately addressed and maintained. This end result was a market competitive lease deal, delivered on time and on budget.

The Studio would have to be considered the biggest feature and is one of the reasons this was a particularly difficult project to undertake. Traditionally, studios would be housed within a dedicated enclosed space and fully treated for acoustic and lighting purposes. The new Network Ten Studio breaks this traditional way of working, as the Studio is now in the middle of an office floor and not fully enclosed, which required additional specialised acoustic treatments. It was a difficult challenge for the team to determine the right design to ensure that the Studio had the right acoustic and lighting levels.

The purpose of the acoustic works was to minimise noise travelling through the Studio during live recordings. Acoustic treatment was vital, as the Studio is enclosed on two sides but open on two sides. With the staff work-stations adjacent to one side, providing significant noise factor, we sought external professional advice from Wood & Grieve Engineers in order to ensure that the functional requirements were met.

Additionally, structural integrity of the floor slab also had to be considered as the cameras, studio set and other equipment amounted to a considerable load on the floor, much larger than that of the office workspace.

ACORPP recently took home the 2017 Project Management Achievement Award in the WA Small Projects category. As you would expect for a client in media, you can watch a video of their award winning studio and office project right here.

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Photos courtesy of IA Group