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Police Air Wing Complex - Jandakot, WA

Tenant Representation & Project Delivery Coordinator


WA Police have relocated from their existing facilities at Jandakot Airport to a 


WA Police have relocated from their existing facilities at Jandakot Airport to a new purpose built complex to accommodate both their fixed wing and rotary aircraft in the one facility.



ACORPP was engaged in January 2012 to provide the following services:


Negotiate   New Lease Terms and Conditions

Negotiate a long term lease with the developer (Jandakot Airport   Holdings) to construct a purpose built air wing complex for the WA Police.

During the negotiations ACORPP liaised with the developer’s architects   and WA Police’s interior designers in relation to the preparation of a   detailed Design Brief, which specified the base building and the tenant   accommodation requirements for the air wing complex.


Due to the uniqueness of the facility and lack of comparable market   rental evidence, ACORPP prepared a detailed financial assessment in   order to determine the agreed economic rent for the proposed development.


Prepare Lease documentation ACORPP instructed WA Police’s solicitor in relation to the preparation   of an appropriate Agreement for Lease and Lease document that reflected the   agreed commercial terms and incorporated the detail specified in the Design   Brief.
Extend Existing Leases As   part of the project ACORPP also negotiated short term extensions to WA   Police’s existing leases to coincide with the estimated completion date of   the new facility.
Ongoing monitoring during   construction ACORPP   also had a monitoring role during the construction period to deal with any   lease related issues and to liaise with WA Police’s architect upon Practical   Completion to ensure that the developer met all of its obligations under the   Agreement for Lease.