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27 Mar
Vaulting into the summer of youth

We are all about healthy minds and healthy bodies at ACORPP, so our office took part in a 6-week corporate challenge with the VAULT fitness centre early last year and we’ve just completed another one. Although, this one was slightly different, it was an 8-week course and is known as the, ‘How Young Can You Be?’ challenge. This newest challenge began around the end of October and we all waited anxiously for the results which, when they came in, were a surprise and a delight to everyone. All staff in the office took part in it but Amy disqualified herself by breaking a bone in her foot whilst training! Needless to say, she was devastated at her inability to participate but was overjoyed to cheer from the sidelines. 


Collage 1 Vault


The rigorous 20 minute circuits of both endurance and strength training involved a mix of different weight and cardio style exercises. Our weight, body fat and blood pressure measurements were taken before and after the time trials, to calculate progress and document improvement. With weigh-ins and final weigh-ins determining progress and results, we were seriously incentivised to make significant improvements on our last results…..and we most certainly did.

Naturally, we were all encouraged to adopt healthier eating habits and increase our daily activity (we even got rid of our biscuit container and beefed up our fruit bowl). So, with some trepidation and a lot of determination we gave this challenge our very best efforts and the results speak for themselves.

Team time average = 17m 36s Start. 14m26s Finish. Reduced 3m 10s

Team total time = 88m 02s Start. 72m 13s Finish. Reduced 15m 49s

The fastest kids on the block were;

Gordon - 9m 18s. Reduced 2m 08s

Niamh - 12m 57s. Reduced 3m 05s

Fraser and Gordon both reduced their age by at least 3 years each (wouldn’t that be nice?!)

Although all participants were dedicated to their improvement, there was one particularly outstanding result by Neha, who made significant reductions in weight and reduced her time by 4m 52s, which is truly exceptional. In fact, it may be argued that she has found the fountain of youth as her overall improvement puts her at the tender age of 12! 


Collage 2 Vault


The corporate challenge is an initiative promoted by Healthier Workplace WA and managed by the National Heart Foundation. Basically, the government approved a $500 incentive bonus to businesses who are seen to be implementing and initiating healthier workplace practices.  ACORPP engages in these initiatives to keep the team on track for being the best and healthiest versions of themselves and to encourage a better quality of life for all staff. This inevitably makes for happier and more productively able workers with increased operational efficiency and improved performance management.

All successful businesses who are awarded the $500 kick-start receive one-on-one support from the expert advisors to become a Recognised Healthy Business (RHW). Being a RHW demonstrates a commitment to the health and wellbeing of workers which ACORPP actively supports. Having previously won Gold in the Healthier Workplace recognition scheme for our outstanding performance in an earlier challenge, we were keen to repeat the successes of the past.





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