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29 Mar
Expanding Projects team

We have some particularly impressive professionals here at ACORPP and our latest recruits are no exception. Brett Klumper joins ACORPP as Project Manager and is not only a rising star within our hallowed halls, but is also a world class athlete.

Having been the only Western Australian over 40's player selected to represent Australia in the World Cup Indoor Cricket Series held in October last year, Brett and his talented teammates won every game (including the high ranking South African team) proudly earning themselves the unbiased title of Masters of the World Cup Series.

Much of Brett’s working history has been abroad and includes high-profile projects like the new Wembley Stadium in London and also Shell’s 6 Green Star office closer to home in Perth. After 8 years in the Australian construction industry, Brett has developed an intrinsic understanding of how to effectively manage building projects, especially within but not limited to, the Western Australian market.

Breet Cricket Collage

Another shining star in our project management constellation is Cat Young, who blasted her way from an Administrator role to Project Coordinator in a mere 6 weeks.

Cat is an extremely motivated individual and her coordination skills started early – operating as a wedding planner in her home land of New Zealand all while still in high school. Her ambition to further her skillset saw her pack up her suitcase and cross the Tasman Sea alone at the ripe old age of 18. It wasn’t long before reaching the shores of our island home that she was selected to represent Australia at the World Championships for Cheerleading held in USA. Cat’s experience and ability to connect with anyone she meets makes her a perfect fit for her role.

We are delighted to have both Brett and Cat on board.

Cat Cheerleading


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