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26 Mar
Merry mahem and festive fun

ACORPP staff Christmas functions were a resounding success with everyone engaging in activities ranging from delicious food festivities through to testing their skills on the archery range.

The Perth team took a tour through the beautiful Swan Valley where they started out with archery lessons in Whiteman Park.  You know when those people who are naturally gifted in sports are good at anything they try their hand at …. right, well archery was not their friend that day. Archery levelled the playing field and those who considered themselves ‘less sporty’ got the highest scores. It was both challenging and fun for everyone. If you haven’t already tried archery, we strongly recommend you give it a go.  


Archery the Cheese Barrell


We then moved on to less deadly but equally fun, food and wine tasting at The Cheese Barrel. Mmmm, you can’t beat Sangria, wine and a cheese platter on a warm summer’s day. After which we squeezed in a little wine tasting from the nearby Olive Wine Farm. A sumptuous lunch at Mandoon Estate left all completely sated and some a little more than tipsy. Although the lunch resulted in a coach trip back to the city, that wasn’t the end of the day for many as some of the brave crew ventured on into the city for a wild night of dancing, drinking and revelries. If you saw some people out robot dancing and blowing bubbles at some hipster bar…..erm…. it wasn’t us!


Group shot lunch


Meanwhile, the Brisbane team enjoyed their own Christmas festivities at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Cleveland. A lovely lunch with a few light drinks and some interesting conversation was a great way to end the year and usher in some holiday fun.

As both teams had worked exceptionally hard throughout the year, it’s great that we got to end things on a merry note, with good food, good company and a pretty good idea that the next year was going to be better still.


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