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03 Oct
The Social Slice

With Matt Buckley and Amy Mason


Despite the madness and mayhem leading up to it, everybody loves to celebrate the EOFY and ACORPP is no exception. It’s an opportune time to take stock of where we’ve been, where we are currently and where we hope to be in the future.

As the financial year ticked over, our Perth office got together for a delightfully long lunch at Long Chim, which was opened by world famous Australian chef, David Thompson, late last year. The dinner extended well into the evening and was a great opportunity to toast the trials and successes of the previous financial year. It was also the ideal time to bid safe travels to one of our Senior Project Managers, Joe Copland. After giving 3 years of stellar service to ACORPP’s clients, Joe is now living his dream of travelling around Australia and discovering the “great outdoors”.  This was on Joe’s bucket list before he even left his former home in England and he is suitably excited to now have the opportunity to live out his dream. He was last reported to be seen in the Northern Territories, perhaps you have seen him wrestling a crocodile! Here at ACORPP we wish him well and are looking forward to hearing more updates of his amazing adventures!


Long Chim Lunch


Our Brisbane team also enjoyed a wonderful EOFY dinner, generously hosted at the beautiful ‘Queenslander’ home of Jamie Charman and his wife, Nicky. With a delicious three course meal, free-flowing wine and excellent company, the Brisbane team regaled one another with tall stories and open congratulations for the successes of the previous 6 months.

Both the Perth and Brisbane offices are looking forward to the new financial year as we envisage a bright and promising future for all concerned. With our business standing strong amidst an uncertain economic market and our company well insulated against the various concerns currently plaguing the construction industry, we are predicting strong growth and full engagement over the next few quarters.


Winning the WA Health and Wellbeing Initiative

ACORPP have successfully achieved a gold standard recognition from Healthier Workplace WA, delivered by the Heart Foundation WA in conjunction with Cancer Council WA and the University of Western Australia. The primary motivator involves implementing and encouraging healthier workplace strategies in and around the office. The project behind this fantastic initiative is being conducted by Professor Simone Pettigrew, WA Cancer Prevention Research Unit (WACPRU).

ACORPP understands the value of having a healthy workplace. Work-life balance is vital in building a happy, healthy and committed team and we pride ourselves on leading by example.


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