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21 Nov
Wellness - A leaner, fitter team heading our way

Perth ACORPP team members are enduring six weeks of potentially life-changing challenges in a bid to reach new levels of fitness.    

Director Gordon Bateup said the ACORPP group had been inspired to join the program both to achieve personal goals and to help foster team spirit. 

“It’s too easy to let your fitness slide or to lose that work-life balance. This program helps recalibrate personal priorities as well as providing an energy and attitude boost,” he said.

Some members have committed to individual programs while others are participating in small groups.

Activities include running, swimming, cycling, weights and more. 


Fellow Director Lisa Seun said that she particularly enjoyed the challenge of a kettle bell class.

“That’s a new one for me, but I like the way The Vault staff change it up to keep everyone engaged,” she said.

“But it’s not just about gym work; it’s about creating new habits and becoming more active in general.”

Several ACORPP team members and their families recently took part in the “Colour Run”, a five kilometer, un-timed run marketed as the happiest 5K on the planet. Competitors start the race dressed in white and are doused in a rainbow of coloured powder at each kilometer. There were plenty of oompa loompa’s at the end. 

By the time, this newsletter is published, the Vault challenge will just about be completed.

Watch out for a leaner, fitter ACORPP coming your way!




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