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18 Aug
Sling Mud, Team VSA and The Mudd Rush

Five men and two women arrived bleary eyed to the State Equestrian Centre on Saturday the 17th August to take on the well known ‘Mudd Rush’.

With eager anticipation and cries of…’can’t I have a coffee first’, the team lined up at the start line.  It was here that everyone asked…what are we doing this for?  But now it was too late and under starters orders we set off…only 9km (we all thought it was 8km) and a mere 23 obstacles stood in Team VSA’s way.

The teamwork and capacity of the individuals was tested, with screams from the ‘What Lies Beneath’ crawl through what smelt like last years dinner and the effort required by one individual in the team to hurl all other members over the ‘wall of honour’ the team marched on.  However, it must be said that some boys did not play nice and three members of the team ended up face down in rather significant puddles through the hand of teammates.

Setting this aside the team soldiered on, a little bruised in some places, but with pride.  After a mere 2 hours (course advisory says it should take 2 and half hours) the VSA team flopped over the line and put a close to not only Mudd Rush 2013 and the team vests (no amount of cleaning would save them) but also VSA as our company name.

All hope that the new ACORPP won’t have any silly ideas like this





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