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27 May
Danni's squeals on wheels for a good cause

By Matt Buckley


Danni Toshack from our Brisbane office has taken to the saddle in the fight against cancer.  Our novice cyclist quickly found out how to get some skin into the game. Here's Danni's story. 

I did my very first group ride recently with a "bunch" (also known as a “peloton”) as part of my training for “The Brisbane Ride to Conquer Cancer” in August.  Before the group ride I had only cycled by myself or with one other rider.  10 minutes into the ride and we arrived at a red traffic light, worried about riders all around me, I was too slow to unclip my shoes and hit the deck in front of 12 other riders I had just met. Yay, me!

As I sat with ice on my knee, considering selling my bike on Gumtree, I decided this was nothing compared to the suffering of someone who has to deal with cancer every day.  My wounds and bruised ego will heal, but others will endure physical and emotional pain, and ongoing trauma for their families and friends.  I’ve experienced it first hand from a family perspective. It was ugly and it still is seven years later.

“The Ride to Conquer Cancer” is as much a personal journey for me as it is to raise awareness of how much time and money is needed to fund research, testing and trials into finding a cure for cancer.  Every bit helps so if you are able to help, I would love your assistance.

 This link takes you directly to my donation page. Thank you and stay tuned for more cycling updates.


rsz stock photo bike ride


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