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16 Jul
Fostering the future - uni students get a taste for a constructive life

With Gordon Bateup, Director, ACORPP

ACORPP has been forging close relationships with Curtin University in a program that offers work experience to students studying within the construction industry space. Aleksandar (Alex) Jovic and Lubinda (Lu) Siyamba are two of those who have not only shadowed mentors within the Perth office over several weeks but have been expected to make contributions to client accounts and projects. Alex is studying major construction management and economics while Lu has graduated in the same discipline. “I have learnt from some of the best mentors, professionals and experts within the construction industry during my time at Curtin University,” Lu said.

ACORPP Director Gordon Bateup said the consultancy had made a conscious decision to invite several students each year to get a taste of industry life. “It’s partly about giving back to the industry and the other aspect is to foster the interest of students who have demonstrated a passion to be involved in the construction industry at some level,” he said. “We believe it’s also important to give these students meaningful opportunities to contribute – we want them to be actively involved, not just sitting back wondering what we are up to or having them make hot drinks for us or be tidying up the office.”

Bateup said feedback from students and from the university had been positive and encouraging. “It’s a program we’re committed to and we hope to provide many more opportunities,” he said. “Who knows – I might end up working for one of these students one day! If that happens then we can say we may have contributed to that success.”

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