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Why use property consultancy services when moving offices?

The simple fact is that most companies will only rent commercial property a small number of times during their business career. Yet conversely, landlords and commercial property agents make a living from doing it time and time again. Having the inside knowledge and market experience of an agent or landlord gives them a huge advantage in commercial property leasing, which is why so many tenants end up occupying space that is on favourable terms to the landlord.


In Australia as a whole, and Perth as a case in point, in recent years the shortage of commercial property has worked very strongly in landlords’ favour. However, a recent swing in the other direction has meant an increase in vacancy rates and desire for landlords to rent property, putting the power back in the hands of renters. However, this is only good news if you know how to use it.


That’s why property consultancy services can be so useful for companies looking to make an office move.


The role of a property consultant

The key roles of any consultant are to identify the right property for you, conduct viewings, advise on suitability, provide cost analysis, negotiate terms, and liaise with both solicitors and clients. That’s a lot of expertise to be able to call on in order to achieve the best result.


An in-depth knowledge of requirements with regard to timing, size, budget, lease length and specification is invaluable to assessing which properties might work for your business. Without this you can’t be sure you are making a good decision.


A detailed cost analysis will also help you to establish if the move is financially viable in both the short and long term. And having the negotiating skills to establish more favourable financial conditions is also essential for getting the best deal.


Pay less for more

In short, the above maxim is the reason for using property consultancy services. Every dollar you save on your commercial property goes straight to your bottom line. Having an expert or team of experts representing your financial interests will save you money in the long run. So on the few occasions you do need to move, you know you’re getting the best deal possible.



When you factor in the cost of a property consultant over the entire lease term as compared to the potential savings, it starts to seem like very good value indeed.

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