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The real value of effective property asset management

Effective asset management is increasingly important for investors in the sphere of commercial property investment. Investors looking for a good return, especially in areas of the country where property values are relatively flat, understand the true value of good asset management.


If done well, property asset management can be the difference between making a profit and making a loss. Taking an innovative approach to asset management is increasingly important, as it is in other areas of commercial property strategy. Your assets should always be working hard for you, not against you, and there are various ways to make this happen.


With effective management, there is often scope for substantial savings. Through the implementation of specialist services, including asset rationalisation, lease terminations and facility management, there are ways of improving returns on investment in both the short and long-term.


Current market assessments based on a detailed knowledge of the climate allow you to assess the best approach to take for your assets. Valuations are available for all types of commercial property to aid you in this.


Facilities management, like asset management, is another key way of safeguarding your investment. This is an area responsible for on-site staffing, and ensuring all property complies with building regulations, planning codes and health and safety laws.


Sustainability consultancy services help to boost returns by reducing waste and ensuring all properties are meeting green targets, set both internally and externally. This is something that is part of our core work at ACORPP and we are very passionate about. It is also something we implemented when we oversaw our own recent office relocation.


In short, the real value of asset management is that it can boost returns on investment and reduce risk through careful strategic management of facilities, tenants and staff. If you have a property portfolio that you feel could be working harder for your investment, then this is something you should consider.



Making your money work for you really could be a simple matter of more effective asset management.

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