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21 Aug
ACORPP Office Fit Out

Due to growth within the company ACORPP found it necessary to move from their existing premises. The tenant advocacy team set about finding an appropriate tenancy that would not only accommodate existing personnel but allow for future growth and expansion. Many different sites were looked at but eventually they settled for a new build in the heart of Subiaco. Its proximity to public transport, shops and food outlets, plus the building end of trip facilities played a large role in their decision making.

Once negotiated, ACORPP project team took over. With a brief to deliver and open plan and collaborative work place with a good sized breakout area, boardroom, meeting room and a clear goal for sustainability, the team set about delivering their own project.

Sustainability formed a major part of our planning with an emphasis on management, indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency. Good use of natural light, changes to AC distribution, after hours push for AC and water boiler plus a security system that extinguishes all lighting when  set are just a few of the energy saving aspects of the project. 

The General office area was designed to provide collaboration areas, working areas, quiet rooms and meeting rooms. Workstations all have duel monitor arms and adequate storage has been supplied to keep desk clutter to a minimum. The phone (VoIP) and computer (WiFi) systems have both been upgraded and use of readily available technology has ensured that the boardroom and meeting rooms can deliver state of the art presentations with a minimum of fuss.

As well as the end of trip facilities Staff have also been supplied with their own lockers to store personal effects and clothing whilst the breakout area design enables staff to prep and eat away from their desks.

The subtle use of graphics and the inclusion of many potted plants have led to an extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that ACORPP can feel rightly proud.





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