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10 Mar
Our 'amazing' Christmas

Okay, Christmas was a while back, but it's still closer than the next one!

However, this is our first opportunity to share some of the tales and photos from our festivities.
We primed the festive spirit and got the ACORPP hearts pumping when we took part in our own version of the "Amazing Race".

Three teams, including our Brisbane colleagues (one in full Brisbane Lions' regalia), stormed around inner Perth locations and landmarks in the search for clues and prizes. Riddles, general knowledge quiz questions, puzzles and the odd practical assignment decided the winning team.

A highlight was a challenge to build a self-supporting, two-metre tower out of a copy of The West Australian. The Project Management team found this harder than anticipated.

At one stage the team had to get two members of the public to hug them and get a photo taken as proof . . . to the dismay of a passerby father whose two daughters rather enthusiastically hugged one of the directors.

The trail took our eager bloodhounds into the Perth CBD, up to scenic King's Park, back through Subiaco and – fittingly – finished in our local pub, Paddy Maguire's.

Official winners were the Orange team. The Reds were the fastest, but not necessarily the smartest with time penalties for wrong answers. The Grey team were a happy last as they kept finding pubs and stopping for a drink.

Mario Macri was named outstanding player of the day . . . though the reason why is still a mystery to everybody else! After such a hard days running around the city all team members agreed to rehydrate and so the drinks started….the rest we’ll leave to your imagination. 


ACORPP AR Perth  13 1 ACORPP AR Perth  22 1
ACORPP AR Perth  24 1 ACORPP AR Perth  28 2
ACORPP AR Perth  30 1 ACORPP AR Perth  32 1
ACORPP AR Perth  38 1 ACORPP AR Perth  39 1
ACORPP AR Perth  36 1 ACORPP AR Perth  42 1
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31 Mar
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2016 saw the addition of more office space to the Brisbane CBD than has been completed in recent memory.

30 Mar
New newsroom makes news

ACORPP were appointed by Network Ten to provide property strategy, relocation site selection, lease negotiation and project management when TEN Perth were ready to move from their 28 year old studio in Dianella to their new cutting edge premises in Perth’s fringe location in Subiaco.

29 Mar
Expanding Projects team

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