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21 May
Switch onto energy savings

Our Perth office has a 4.5 Star NABERS Energy Tenancy Rating and is currently targeting a 5 Star - as part of that process ACORPP signed up withCitySwitch.  CitySwitch is a high-value, free service that supports commercial office tenants in achieving a four star or higher NABERS energy rating. It is easier to obtain than it sounds. Find out how we did it here.

ACORPP director, Gordon Bateup said that he considered leadership in energy efficiency and sustainability integral to the consultancy’s business ethos.

“We are the first company in WA outside the Perth CBD to sign up to CitySwitch. We believe it’s important to show leadership to our stakeholders in critical areas like energy efficiency. Our aim is to inspire other small companies to follow,” he said.

Nearly 650 tenancies covering nearly 2.5million sqm are now signed up to CitySwitch.

National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) Energy ratings is a pillar of the CitySwitch program. It is used as a national benchmark enabling signatories to measure their energy efficiency progress over time and to compare themselves against others in the sector.

NABERS Energy rates the energy efficiency of buildings and tenancies from 1 to 6 stars based on energy consumption per square metre. Six stars represents an exceptionally high level of energy efficiency. With an average tenancy performing at 2.5 stars, a 4 star commitment means the tenant is at least 20 per cent more efficient than the general commercial tenant market.


To find out more about NABERS pleaseclick here 





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