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28 Jan
A Holiday with a difference!

One of the members at our Brisbane office, Matt Buckley was given the opportunity over the summer to experience the life of an AFL player, and attend a once in a lifetime trip with the Brisbane Lions, to their high altitude training camp in Arizona 

Asked what his purpose for attending the camp was, Matt explained it was more than just an attempt to become a mature age recruit!

“We attended all the team meetings where everything from game plans, leadership and teamwork were discussed and most of these have direct correlation to the business environment,” he said.

“Whilst our game plan is completely different, the concept of planning how to approach a client, a tender, a negotiation will always see a better outcome than just working it out on the run.  

The opportunity to be involved in a professional sporting team and see firsthand their preparation and planning as well as being up close and personal in a bunch of training and physically demanding situations, was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.”

There were 9 corporates who stayed and trained with the players at the Northern Arizona University of Flagstaff, over 10 days, where extracurricular activities were undertaken including hiking the Grand Canyon, experiencing the American game of NFL and drinking the occasional beverage.

“We all hiked to the summit of Mt Humpries (12,633ft), did a 9km climb on mountain bikes plus running and gym sessions so we earned the drinks we might have had!” Matt explained

“The players, coaching and conditioning staff were amazing and we were all made to feel part of the group while we were there.  A lot of training was done before we left although it’s fair to say, no amount of training would have had men in their forties ready for some of the things we did.

It really was an experience and the friendships made will last a lifetime.  Having met nearly the whole playing group during the stay, it will mean an even keener following of the Lions in the 2014 season and an understanding of the work continually being done to improve every aspect of the results.”

A clip put together by the Lions of the corporate trip has been posted here.





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