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Five ways you know it’s time to change commercial accommodation

Are you or your business unsure about moving office? Do you sense it might be time for a change but you’re looking for a definite sign that things are right for a move? Then here are five ways to help you realise that it’s time for some new commercial accommodation.


Staff expansion

This is perhaps one of the most common and obvious reasons for office relocation but you would be amazed how many companies fail to see when the time is right. If you are struggling to find desk space to fit everyone in or if conditions feel cramped and you keep bumping into people in the corridor, then it may be time for a change.


This could involve leasing additional space in the building, moving storage to another unit or moving the shop-front to a separate unit. However, if these solutions are not possible at your present location, then you may need to think about finding some new accommodation.



The opposite of the above. If the office is feeling empty to the point that you’re wondering where everyone is or the sound of your voice is starting to echo then it’s probably time to act. Subleasing surplus space is one option, and re-fits can help to address space options. However, while there are many reasons for downsizing but there isnot one single good reason to keep paying for office space you are not using.


The right impression

So much in the business world is about creating the right impression. Having the right address on your business card or having a sleek, modern office in the heart of the CBD creates a lasting impression with both clients and customers. If you’re lacking the ‘wow factor’ at your current location then a move might be in order. Of course, the opposite can also be true, maybe your CBD office is too slick for your ‘not for profit’.


Lease expiration

Commercial leases expire and when they do you are not guaranteed an extension. Similarly, the end of a lease may signal the right time to move on. For a favourable lease in any commercial property then it pays to use the negotiation and relocation services of a commercial property specialist like ACORPP.



The nature of the office is constantly changing. It’s no longer just a place to store paperwork and for desks. With the development of workplace strategy, offices need to be dynamic and have different space for different kinds of work. Break-out spaces and recreational facilities are also becoming more common in offices, and many existing facilities just can’t offer this.



If any of the above rings true, then get in touch with ACORPP and ask about our accommodation strategy relocation services. 

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