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The importance of tenant representation for businesses


Large corporate bodies have the spending power and resources to extensively research their relocation projects and represent themselves during the process. However, for some small to medium-sized businesses it is not always so easy. Without the expertise to source, arrange and complete on a property move it can become a lengthy and time-consuming process.


Similarly, choosing where to locate your business can have a big impact on your operations. Little things matter and choosing the wrong location can have dire consequences over long periods, as can negotiating an unfavourable lease for its duration. Find the right space that fits your brand and working methods and it can be a real boost, which is why tenant representation is so important.


The role of tenant representatives

As most business owners are not real estate experts (although many people will have experience of the residential market, the commercial property sector is very different), going up against experienced commercial property owners and corporate real estate experts can be daunting. So you need someone to fight your corner, someone with the right expertise, contacts and knowledge base.


Tenant representatives act as advocates, working under your instruction and to your demands, in order that you get the best deal and the ideal location. More specifically, they can conduct analysis and assessments of your special needs, identify the best locations, negotiate favourable leases or renew existing ones.


For your part as a business, it helps if you can clearly identify your needs and establish a rough plan for operating costs. It is also necessary to think about potential growth or reduction in workforce or operations. The more detailed answers you can give a tenant representative, the better results you can expect. It’s important to work closely with your representative and you should expect full and complete reporting at all times.


Why choose ACORPP?

Ultimately, like so much in the world of business, relationships are everything. Here at ACORPP we really understand that better than most. All of our staff are highly trained and experienced in the workings of commercial property markets. However, we also offer an individual approach, working closely with you and with your best interests at heart. Well known within the industry, we possess the contacts and reputation to get the right results for your business.


Get in touch if you would like to discuss our tenant representation service.

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